Emely and Josh

About a month before their wedding, Kathleen received an e-mail from Emely.  Emely was getting married and had been planning on handling all of the wedding details herself.  As the wedding day was approaching, she realized she needed some extra help.  Luckily, Emely’s wedding happened to fall on the one weekend Kathleen had free!  Kathleen replied to Emely and got right to work!

Emely had done a majority of the work herself and wanted someone at her wedding to make sure things ran smoothly.  Kathleen confirmed the details with the other vendors and offered a few suggestions to help ensure the event would be a huge success.

The day before the wedding, Kathleen met Emely, Josh and their families at the ceremony site for the rehearsal.  Emely and Josh showed up in t-shirts that read “I’m his” and “I’m hers.”  They were both so excited for their wedding day!  The rehearsal was a success and everyone went straight to the rehearsal dinner.  Kathleen enjoyed being able to talk to some of the bridal party throughout the evening and hear stories about Emely and Josh.

On the day of the wedding there was rain in the forecast.  While the ceremony was going to be inside, the cocktail hour and reception were supposed to be outside.  Kathleen kept an eye on the weather throughout the morning.  She showed up to the ceremony site with supplies in hand in case there was any rain or any other minor bumps in the day.  Josh and his groomsmen all arrived on time and began getting ready.  As scheduled, shortly before the ceremony was supposed to begin, Emely showed up with her parents and bridesmaids.  She was so happy, she was glowing.

Once everyone was in place the ceremony began.  Kathleen stayed in the back to make sure there were no hiccups.  Everything went very smoothly.  Kathleen enjoyed watching a slideshow that showed Emely and Josh’s journey towards marriage.

When the ceremony was finished, the family stayed to take pictures.  Kathleen went straight to the reception site to make sure everything was ready to go before any guests arrived.  The decision was made to stick with the original plan and have the reception outside.  As guests began arriving, the reception area was ready and looked gorgeous.  The skies had cleared and the sun was shining down.

As guests arrived, they made their way around the grounds.  While guest were enjoying the cocktail hour, Kathleen had something out of the norm on her mind.  Emely’s parents had set up a surprise for the bride and groom.  They were going to have a mariachi band play some music after the introductions.  Kathleen had to make sure everything was timed right so that the band would arrive and get into place without anyone seeing them.  The layout of the venue did not make this an easy task.  When the band arrived, Kathleen made sure no one was near the path she wanted the band to use.  Right on time, Kathleen got them in place and then lined the bridal party up for the introductions.  After all of the introductions and prayers, right on cue, the band entered the dinner space and started playing.  Emely and Josh were surprised and visibly very excited.

The rest of the evening was absolutely beautiful.  As evening came, the rest of the reception took place under the stars and night sky.  After the event was finished, and she was thanked many times, Kathleen made her way home.  She was so happy the timing worked out to be able to help another awesome bride and groom begin the rest of their lives together!

Ceremony at Crossroads Church of Nazarene, Reception at Gramercy Mansion, Photography by Bradley Images, Flowers by Maria Martinez, Cake by Yia Yia’s Bakery, Food by Hunt Valley Catering, DJ Sergio Cruz

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