Summer and Steven

In her first year of wedding coordination, Kathleen helped with a wedding at Turf Valley.  She were very excited when she got an inquiry to help with another wedding at this familiar venue.  Summer and Steven lived in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and were getting married at Turf Valley in September.  They needed some help the month leading up to the wedding to pull everything together as well as coordination on the wedding day.

That May Kathleen was going to Cleveland for another wedding.  She figured out a time to be able to meet with Summer and Steven.  This was definitely the farthest she had gone for a face to face meeting!  A few months later, Summer and Steven made the trip to Maryland.  Kathleen met with them again, this time at Turf Valley.  They did a walkthrough of the grounds and went over wedding day details.

The fact that Summer and Steven lived in Ohio made no difference in the preparation for the wedding.  Just like with any couple, Kathleen kept in touch with the bride and groom and confirmed all of the details with each of the vendors.  Both the ceremony and reception were taking place in the same location, so when the wedding day arrived, Kathleen and Danielle both went straight to Turf Valley.  When they got there, the florist was there ready to place the flowers.  The ceremony was scheduled to take place outside.  It was a beautiful sunny day with only wind in the upcoming forecast.  Kathleen stuck with the original plan of having the ceremony outside and the florist got to work.  The flowers looked gorgeous!

When it was time for the ceremony to begin, everything looked great.  While the wind had picked up a little, it was not of any real concern and Kathleen knew that having the ceremony outside was the right choice!  Kathleen and Danielle coordinated with the bridal party so that they could all make their way to their starting positions without letting the bride and groom see each other.  The ceremony began right on time with the groom making his way through the trees to the guests.  The ceremony continued without a hitch.

After the ceremony, the bridal party rode around the grounds in a golf cart to take their pictures.  Kathleen was very happy that everything was so running smoothly.  All of a sudden, two bridesmaids in a golf cart rode towards Kathleen in a panic.  While taking pictures, some pollen from the bridal bouquet had gotten on Steven’s tux and no one could get it out.  Kathleen went straight to the “Bridal Emergency Bag” she brings to each wedding.  Using supplies in the bag, the pollen came off of the jacket without any leftover residue.  Kathleen also took the bridal bouquet and made sure that there was nothing left on the bouquet that could get on the bride or groom.  Kathleen then let the florist know about the incident so that she was aware of what happened.  The florist was fantastic and told us to contact her again if we needed any different flowers or any help.

The rest of the cocktail hour was spent taking more pictures.  It was then time for the dinner portion of the evening to begin.  The rest of the evening went very smoothly.  While a few of the vendors butted heads over some details, Kathleen ran interference.  She worked with everyone to make sure things ran as planned and the bride and groom knew nothing of it.  The end of the night came and the guests left laughing and full of joy.  Kathleen and Danielle stayed behind and got everything cleaned up and taken to the right places.  They were so happy to be able to be there for these two amazing people and were so happy that Summer and Steven visibly had an amazing day and night!

Ceremony and Reception at Turf Valley, Catering by Turf Valley, Photography by Life Gallery Studios, DJ Scratch DJs, Flowers by My Flower Box Events

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