Beth and Jordan

Working as a wedding coordinator, Kathleen has gotten to know many vendors in the wedding industry, including other coordinators.  When Kathleen was first starting out in the business, she had the opportunity to work with and learn from other coordinators who were already well established.  Impressed with her work, they now often refer prospective clients to Kathleen if they are not available on the couple’s wedding date.

About two months before her wedding, Beth contacted Kathleen.  Her wedding day was approaching and she realized she could use some help.  Beth had been referred to Kathleen by another coordinator who was not available on Beth’s date.  Fortunately Kathleen and her team were available.  Beth was looking for someone to help on the actual day of the wedding as well as help putting together all of the final wedding details and making final decisions.  After speaking to Kathleen on the phone, Beth decided to hire Wolf’s Weddings by Kathleen.

In the months following the initial correspondence, Kathleen and Beth met in person, talked on the phone and communicated over e-mail.  Beth would tell Kathleen her thoughts and ask her questions.  Kathleen would offer suggestions and give Beth ideas on a variety of aspects of the wedding.

The two months went by quickly and the wedding day arrived.  Kathleen and Danielle arrived at the Engineer’s Club to set-up both the ceremony and reception sites.  There was rain in the forecast.  Both the ceremony and reception were scheduled to take place inside, but Kathleen was still keeping an eye on the weather.  The photographer had planned to take some great shots outside.

When the time for the photographs was approaching, Kathleen made sure everyone would be ready on time.  She wanted to make sure they were able to take as many of the outside pictures as they could without the bridal party getting rained on.  She coordinated with the bridal party and photographer and, with a little nudging, got everyone outside.  While Danielle continued with the final set-up, Kathleen watched the weather and helped organize the photographs.  When it looked like the rain was about to start, Kathleen and Danielle brought umbrellas to the bridal party and got them back inside.  Everyone was still dry and back in the venue before the big downpour began.  The photographer was able to finish her pre-ceremony photographs around the inside of the venue.

Even though they did first looks and formal pictures together, Beth and Jordan had decided that after the photographs were done, they did not want to see each other again until Beth’s grand entrance into the ceremony.  When the time came, Kathleen and Danielle made sure everyone was in place and that the bride and groom would not see each other until Beth’s entrance.  Everyone walked down the beautiful aisle, lined with roses and vases filled with floating candles.  The doors were shut and Beth and her dad took their position.  The music changed and the doors were opened.  Everyone stood as the beautiful bride and her father made their way down the aisle.  Jordan’s face showed nothing but pure joy.

The rest of the evening went smoothly and was as beautiful as the ceremony.  Right on time, Kathleen started the slideshow of Beth and Jordan from childhood to their wedding day.  People enjoyed watching the slideshow while mingling outside of the dinner room.  Others stayed in the dinner room all evening to dance the night away.

When the end of the evening came, Kathleen and Danielle got all of the guests to stand in a circle around a railing that had stairs leading downstairs and out of the venue.  Kathleen and Danielle passed out the the lavender petals to be tossed at Beth and Jordan as they left.  With loud cheers, Beth and Jordan made their departure from the wedding.  They were so happy and visibly in love.  Once the guests had left Kathleen and Danielle cleaned everything up and made sure it all got to the right place.  While cleaning they talked with the other vendors about what a great night it had been and how wonderful it was to see the bride and groom so happy throughout the entire day.

Ceremony and Reception at the Engineer’s Club, Officiant Mary Maurey, DJ Santana Hahn, Photography by Jill Gately Photography, Flowers by Floral Studio, Cake by Sugar Bakers

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