Maureen and Daniel

by Danielle Schulze

Maureen and Daniel are originally from the DC area but now live in Georgia. They fell in love with the Maryland venue Stone Manor Country Club and booked it for June 21st.  They were looking for assistance in planning the details surrounding the big day, and Danielle was excited to come to their aide.

Due to the fact that Maureen and Danielle live in Georgia, the month of meeting with Danielle took place over the phone.  During the phone call, Danielle and Maureen talked about all of the wedding day details.  Maureen had a full list of decorations prepared.   As she discussed her vision, Danielle was impressed with the organized bride.  The level of dedication Maureen had for her family was expressed throughout the conversation.  From hand-made table cloths and great details of the centerpieces, to the basket of flip-flops for the guest to change into, Maureen had put a lot of thought into every detail from the beginning to the end of the night.

Maureen and Daniel planned an outdoor ceremony with 170 guests in attendance.  The reception was then in the tent on the grounds.  The ceremony site was a perfect complement to the wedding décor they planned to use.  The couple wanted to highlight the natural beauty provided by the surrounding woods and grand elm tree.

When the day of the wedding arrived, set-up began.  Vintage doors were placed at the end of the aisle with beautiful floral wreaths hung from each one.  Rod iron hooks holding lanterns were placed on either side of the aisle.  Giant blue and green balloons covered with white tulle were placed throughout the cocktail hour area.  One of the best parts of the décor was the “Fallen Hero” table, which was specifically special since Daniel is in the United States Army.  The table held tribute to all members of the military.  It was a truly honorable addition.

As the wedding day progressed, it was unclear if the weather was going to go in everyone’s favor.  The skies were overcast all morning.  Happily, the potential weather issue was all but forgotten when the sun came out behind the clouds and the bagpiper began playing, signally that the ceremony was about to begin.

Proceeding the ceremony and cocktails, Danielle moved both the vintage doors and balloons into the reception hall to add décor behind the head table.  The décor naturally drew everyone’s eyes to where the entire bridal party sat during dinner.

Following dinner the dancefloor was opened, with the DJ immediately livening up the evening.  Set up on the DJ table was a basket of flip flops for the guests to change into so they could be more comfortable while dancing.  With great music and dancing, it was very apparent that everyone was enjoying themselves. The evening started wrapping up following the cake cutting and it was a bittersweet end of the night.  Danielle was so proud to have been involved with Maureen and Daniel’s experience and to have helped them have a perfect first day of the rest of their lives.


Ceremony and reception at Stone Manor Country Club, Officiant Father Kelly, Photography by Kate Len’s Photography, Flowers by Ory Custom Florals, DJ Chris Laich

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