Emily and Taylor

Before starting Wolf’s Weddings by Kathleen, Kathleen was a first grade teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools.  During that time she had the opportunity to work with a number of great teachers.  Throughout the years, teachers would move to different grade levels and different schools.  One of Kathleen’s coworkers, Emily, made an even bigger move.  After teaching for a few years with Kathleen, Emily moved with her boyfriend, Taylor, to New York City.  Taylor had always wanted a career in music and the couple made the decision to move to NYC to help Taylor pursue his dreams.

After being in New York for a short time, Taylor got a job working on a Broadway show.  All of Taylor’s dreams were coming true.  Taylor had one more dream to make come true in order to make his life complete.  That was to make the love of his life, Emily, his wife.  After ten years of dating, while on a trip to the West Coast, Taylor proposed and Emily said YES!

Emily had been raised in Maryland and had spent a lot of time at Calleva Farm while growing up.  She went to camp there as a child and then worked at the Markoff’s Haunted Forest when she got older.  She knew that this property was where she wanted to have her wedding.  Taylor was more than happy to do what he could to give Emily the day of her dreams.

While Emily had her mind set on having her wedding at Calleva Farm, she knew this was not a traditional wedding venue.  There were spaces she could use, but no staff that would assist with her wedding.  She knew she was going to need some help.  As Emily started planning her wedding Kathleen immediately came to mind.  She had been to a wedding coordinated by Kathleen and had been very impressed.  She knew she couldn’t picture her wedding day without having Kathleen there to make sure everything went as planned.  Kathleen was so excited to be able to help out and be a part of Emily’s wedding.

Throughout the planning process Emily and Kathleen corresponded through e-mail.  Emily asked Kathleen for advice and Kathleen always gave Emily a few different ideas to be able to choose from.  About a month before the wedding Kathleen met with Emily, her mom and a representative from the catering company Emily had hired.  They walked the grounds at Calleva Farm and talked about wedding day details.  While there was a lot of work to be done to transform the space into a wedding venue, Kathleen knew everything was going to come together just the way Emily wanted!

When the wedding weekend arrived Kathleen met the bridal party at Calleva for the rehearsal.  The ceremony was going to be held in the middle of the woods.  There was a stage and amphitheater seating.  The bridal party was going to walk down a somewhat steep hill to get to the ceremony site.  Kathleen helped the bridal party figure out their timing and where to stand when they got on stage.  Kathleen also confirmed final details with Emily.  Kathleen was so excited to help with such a unique wedding in such a cool setting.

Leading up to the wedding day, Kathleen had been in communication with each of the vendors confirming every detail, big and small.  Everything was all set and everyone was on the same page.  On the day of the wedding Kathleen and her assistant, Doona, drove to the venue.  On the way Kathleen received a phone call from the transportation company Emily and Taylor had hired to transport guests from the hotel to Calleva Farm.  The bus had broken down on the side of the road and the company said they did not have any more vehicles available to pick up the wedding guests.  Kathleen was not going to let Emily’s guests get stranded at the hotel.  After some back and forth with the transportation company Kathleen got them to send two other vehicles to the hotel.  They were smaller than the one originally booked but the company agreed to have the vehicles make extra trips to make sure everyone got to the ceremony.  When Kathleen arrived at the venue she was still on the phone with the transportation company figuring everything out.  The owner of Calleva was amazing.  He said he was willing to drive one of his buses to the hotel to pick up any one else that still needed a ride.  Luckily, no one needed a ride from him, but Kathleen was so grateful to have come in contact with such a kind man.

While Kathleen and Doona handled the transportation hiccup, Emily and Taylor got ready for their big day.  Kathleen and Doona checked on Emily and Taylor throughout the day to see if they needed anything.  Taylor said he wanted updates on how things were going so Kathleen briefly filled him in on the transportation issue.  She let Emily enjoy her time without letting her know there had been a bump in the road.  She wanted to make sure Emily did not worry.  In addition to checking in with the bride and groom, Kathleen and Doona worked to make sure everything was set-up for both the ceremony and reception the way Emily and Taylor had hoped.  After the hiccup with transportation had been fixed the rest of the day went on without a hitch!  The guests all arrived and made their way to their seats for the ceremony.  Once all of the guests had taken their seats Emily made her way down to the stage, looking beautiful.  Taylor was smiling ear to ear the second he saw her.

Kathleen and Doona loved getting to watch this unique and beautiful ceremony take place.  After the ceremony, the guests made their way to a big field for the cocktail hour.  Everyone then walked up to the barn for the reception.  Emily and Taylor were both so happy and did not stop smiling the entire time.  The reception flowed as planned from start to finish.  Kathleen will never forget the toast Emily’s dad gave.  It was the second time, out of all the weddings Kathleen has coordinated, that she cried during a toast.

Emily and Taylor’s wedding was truly a magical event.  Kathleen and Doona commented to each other many times throughout the day how truly in love Emily and Taylor were.  It was such a beautiful thing to see.  Kathleen was so happy to have been able to be there for Emily and Taylor and give them the day of their dreams!

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